Thursday, November 7, 2013

Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale Nov.8th and Nov.9th

This will be our second annual Warehouse clearance sale. As many of you know from our last years liquidation, we are serious about moving our inventory. This year end Clearance Sale will be Inside and Outside including the Alley and Tent. 100's of items are 50% off or more. Included will be Antique furniture, primitives, lighting, mid-century, architecturals and more.
Sale items will also include a dental cabinet, hall tree, coat rack, nightstands, lamps, afghans, fiesta, dishes, china, glassware, vintage fabric, frames and artwork, paintings and vintage Christmas.
The sale will be conducted Friday 10-6 and

Saturday 10-6

Monday, November 4, 2013

Austins Mandola's Bocce Ball Tournament and Antique Shopping Trip

Last weekend I took time out to attend the annual Bocce Ball Tournament sponsored by Damian and Trina Mandola. The Mandola family is one of the warmest and friendliest families alive. Although Ben and I turned out to be unsuccessful in winning the Round Trip all expense paid trip for two to Italy, we certainly ate enough of the wonderful food  which was provided by the Mandola restaurant to make this trip worth our time and expense. The Tournament was held on the Trattoria Lisino Mandola Vineyard near Driftwood Texas just south of Austin. Proceeds were donated to the Burke Youth Center. I am providing photos of the Restaurant and Vineyard.  I was sooo impressed with this experience that I felt like I needed to share this with everyone in hopes that the next time they were in the Austin area they would take the short scenic trip to the vineyard for dinner at the Trattoria Lisino Restaurant. Our two day experience at the location convinced me that I wanted to share this opportunity with others. Three other locations are throughout the Austin area. By the end of the game Ben and I both felt the warm friendship of the Mandola family. I can't thank them enough for taking us under their wings and filling our stomachs with such wonderful food and desserts.
I must add that during my trip (as always) I was able to squeeze a few profitable hours of Antique shopping. I managed to fill my vehicle with a full load of choice pieces.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Country Garden and Trinity District STREET SALE This Weekend

The Antique Trinity Design District will be conducting a Neighborhood Street Sale. Country Garden Antiques will be participating on SATURDAY ONLY. This One Day SALE will be filled with LIQUIDATION priced treasures. These items will be priced to move and priced to allow dealers to over double their profits. Come see the bargains. 15 locations participating. Saturday May 4th 10-5.
Locations from 900-1200 Riverfront Blvd. and also side streets. Maps available upon request. Most shops will also be open on Sunday.
Hope to See You Saturday
Participating Dealers will also be displaying products for sale at                                                                   Country Garden Antiques, 147 Parkhouse, Dallas 75207

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


After 20 years, we have decided to throw in our hat. Anyone that has ever attended the Roundtop Antique Show can only imagine what a huge strain it can be to participate in this show. There are very few Antique Shows in the country that require so much preparation time and energy. This show originally was a three day show when we started exhibiting. It now has expanded to the point many of the vendors spend over one month at the show. Our show never took that amount of time but it has grown to several weeks. We have determined that we need to stay loyal to our Dallas customers. With the introduction of the new Santiago Calatrava Bridge which is only a block away from our store and the development of the Trinity District,  we have found it more important than ever to keep our store open to the public. Between our store, our pinterest accounts  and also our facebook accounts we are keeping busy. Feel free to check either account for prices and inventory.
We will still be dropping by the show to try and pick up some goodies.
Thanks for the years of dedication to us and feel free to keep up the line of communication.
We miss you all.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

We are holding an Estate Sale March 9th and 10th

This will be the least amount of time we have been given to conduct a sale but the house has been sold and must be vacated in one week. We are spending long days getting this Estate Sale ready for a Saturday and Sunday sale. Many treasures are being uncovered since the owner has lived in the home since 1962. More details can be found on the link but the address of the sale is 3414 Chaparral, Dallas Texas 75234. Hours of the sale will be 9-5 Sat. and 12-5 Sunday. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

COUNTRY GARDEN in Jan/Feb issue of D Home Magazine

We are so proud to be able to have been featured in the January February issue of  D Home Magazine. Laura Kostelny, fabulous writer and photographer for D spent quite some time trying to understand how our business evolved. Our thanks goes out to all involved in making this article get published.{%22490239434352538%22%3A293111117459217}&action_type_map={%22490239434352538%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]#.UOn2UtpvJyY.facebook{%22490239434352538%22%3A293111117459217}&action_type_map={%22490239434352538%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]#.UOn2UtpvJyY.facebook

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Market --- To Market

We, the owners of Country Garden Antiques, are sitting at a new craft coffee bar called Ascension, in the Design District. It is located @ Oaklawn and Turtle Creek Blvd. Also available for lunch and dinner. Food and drinks are both awesome.

Anyhow, we wanted to update our blog and clue you in on what we saw at the Market this year to help stay up with the trends. Here's the quick sample summary of what's going on in our local design world.
Color-Emerald Green is the color of the year in case you haven't heard. Black and white colors were  everywhere too.
Lighting-It's simplified. Lots of industrial and farm looks going on. Cage lighting still going strong.
Influences- We saw lots of gem/ minerals/ stones an the natural setting in every facet of design. Stones and  minerals were sliced and polished or left raw and used as lamps, food serving slabs, bookends, paperweights, furniture, boxes, jewelry (big time) and much more. Driftwood : Influences- It was everywhere.

 Antiques and One of a Kinds!- They were offered at the Vintage Finds section of  Cash&Carry.   Some of our friends were there with fine offerings. The only problem is that it was hard to buy cause the  booths were covered in sold tags! Debbie and Danny York (Talking Trash), Maggie Lopez (The  Veranda and Meloney and Brian of the Seedbox were just a few of those selling.
                   Next June you may see Alan Galichia and Gina Galichia (Country Garden Antiques)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Country Garden's Remodel and Open House

Wow!! What a success. Our Open House and Remodeling preview was on December 7th. Over 200 people attended in our newly remodeled antique store. We think fun was had by all, especially as our clients and friends sat outside in perfect weather under a wonderland of christmas lights and candles, thanks to our friends Heidi ( and Portia & Jeff Maloney of Garden Party. Portia and Jeff are also the parents of Mandon Maloney, drummer for our band.
Heidi set up an awesome backdrop of lights for the band "Lil Cap'n Travis", as only Heidi can do. Thanks go out to the band that made their way from Austin and steel guitarist from Oregon.
A very special thanks goes to the Uechtritz Family: Annie was the remodeling project manager; Miranda served as a stylist; Olivia gave up at least one day to help organize; Annies husband Bernie was the official Aussie POLO workhorse and son Bernard, well he was the ladiesman skateboarder.
More thanks go to fellow Antique specialists /cook Bill McCool , Kevin Turner for food and flowers, Sabi for killer postcards; Artist James Chefchis for an outstanding faux finish at the store; and Joel Harris, Linda Reed , Jonathan Matamoris for help with sales, food and beverages. Special thanks for all who attended.
Check Out our article in Dallas Morning News, Home and Garden, in print and online December 15th.
Hope to see you at our location: 147 Parkhouse 75207.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Official Reopening Celebration

The Trinity River District in Dallas is experiencing an incredible change in growth. With the new Santiago Calatrava bridge, the Four Corners Brewery, Chicken Scratch, Smoke, Belmont Hotel, the Workroom Antiques and Phil Romano's Trinity Grove development, we felt that it was time to upgrade our Antique Store which is adjacent to this new district.
   Alan Galichia, Ben Galichia, Gina Tomelleri Galichia in conjunction with decorator Annie Uechtritz and her crew of subcontractors have managed to completely revamp the Parkhouse location in a short two months. Although it has only been two months, to us it seems like two years.
  We  deeply regret that we were unable to attend the fall Roundtop Antique Show in Warrenton Texas but we had to make the decision to focus on remodeling our location in Dallas. The results are finally being completed and we will officially be celebrating on December 7th from 6:30 to 9:30PM.
  Our merchandise has been added to for nearly 9 months now and for the last two months we have continued to purchase fresh inventory which has been secretly set aside for this special occasion.
   We hope everyone that reads this will be able to attend.
    Special thanks go out to our very close friends the Maloney family. Many of you know Portia Maloney, decorator and Antique dealer from Dallas. Her son Mandon and the band Lil' Cap'n Travis from Austin Texas will be able to play at our opening party on Friday night. I won't go into any other details but if you do attend you will be able to not only get the 25% opening discount on our inventory but be able to hear the wonderful sounds of the band.
   Refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be served.
   We have also come in contact with a fellow family in the Antique business who recently we devastated by tragedy from Hurricane Sandy. 10% of our proceeds will be going to the small amount of financial help we will offer. It's incomprehensible to us but we do want to give assistance.
Thanks Again and hope to see you all.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vintage Christmas Ornaments for Sale

Christmas is quickly approaching! Come and see all of our decorating ideas and supplies. Its not just about ornaments on trees any more. We have several mantles decorated, small and large displays of White Christmas, the ever popular silver and turquoise combo (also great for Hanukka), and ideas and supplies for gift wrapping too! If you haven't seen our assortment of THOUSANDS of ornaments you need to stop by.

Finishing Touches before Opening Party

With the remodeling project coming to a close, many hours are still needed to finish our project. The carpenter, electrician and painter have been exceptional with their diligent efforts to finish the remodel. I have been pleased with the ability of Annie to shuffle workers to make this project run as smoothly as it has. I didn't realize how much was needed, including personalities of the workers. Somehow we have managed to continue to keep our store open for our customers. We really appreciate the loyalty so many of you have shown and interest in our progress. I am inserting a few photos of our progress. The tentative date for the Grand Opening Get Together is December 7th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. We will be making this a definite date in one week.

Thanks Again from Country Garden Antqiues

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remodel Update

 We are going into our 6th week of Renovation to our Country Garden Antiques store. This renovation will be the largest change we have made to our facility in 20 years. With what we feel to be the worst behind us, it seems that progress is finally being felt. Sore backs and short patience, we are all feeling the pain and hopefully soon will be seeing the finished results. The dust from the concrete saw was the final straw for Gina. There was not enough plastic drape or painters tape to keep the dust from penetrating every crack or crevice in the building. Annie has somehow been able to deal with both workers and owners. Our workers have, for the most part, been the best you could ever imagine. Bad memories of electric warehouse door installations.  I'm sure Annie will be glad when this project is finished. We may have broken her of ever feeling the need to help anyone out in the future. If everything goes as planned we will be celebrating the 1st of December, even if we have to skip the Thanksgiving dinner.