Saturday, September 26, 2009


The rain finally stopped and we are now setup and ready to go. The shopping in Warrenton has been great despite the weather. The weekend weather is going to be a blast with sunshine and warm weather. If yesterday was any indication to what's to come, it looks like this show may be one of our best ever. Our display took about 4 days to set up but due to the fact we had the largest amout of inventory ever and the rain lasted for 4 days.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Race is On!!

With only a week left before the Round Top Show begins it looks as though the rain (and snow in some areas) is now slowing down and I feel we will have another fabulous Show. With many other dealers in the Dallas area packing, it looks as though our luck is holding. This last week we again managed to acquire a few pieces in between the estate sale and installing our new sign. A wonderful architectural piece and a great green cabinet will help our look. It always helps to reflect on our past heritage and our future goals. Without both life would be very empty. The digital age is great but I always try and remember to print a few photos along the way for the present and future relatives.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Great name for a wonderful day off!! We have been desperately working on putting together an estate sale before the big Roundtop/Warrenton Show. We still managed to squeeze in a little shopping. An older signed Russian Lacquer Mirror, a brass blade pedestal fan, a great white mirrored dresser and a few other items. We'll be posting more info concerning this weeks sale and it's location sometime tomorrow evening. For anyone interested in Jewelry, especially costume, this is the sale for you!!! Hundreds of pieces!!! And some VERY unique items. Hope to see you there!