Monday, August 31, 2009

........WHITE HOT........

Take a look at some of this week's special finds (bathing cap - you know you want it!!) Do I EVEN need to comment further? I think NOT !


Monday, August 24, 2009

This Weeks New Items!!!

I always think that I won't have anything to post until I start looking around at what I have found during the week. All of a sudden, I find that surprisingly I have really come on to a stash of wonderful new treasures. This week was no different. As a matter of fact I came up with so many items I will just highlight the dozen or so that hit me in the face. The larger items like another white harvest table and industrial glass top/ iron base table, two others not shown, two chandeliers, one not shown, my favorite is the OLD concrete Buddah and frog, a few paintings, another wonderful FruFru kingsize velvet headboard, a set of Sheffield French Ivory handled Hotel Silver, and a Japanese Kutani Coffeepot. Gina's favorite pink ornaments, blue 1960's fabric and bronze/ gilt curtain rod brackets are her treat.
I've got a great story concerning the book "Horses and Homes" but have to run now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

>This week we focused on our son's College prep. trip to St. Louis. With two awesome tours in a beautiful city, we managed to squeeze in a couple of Estate Sales and a trip down Cherokee Street which is the equivalent to Industrial Blvd. in Dallas. If only we had taken a larger vehicle, never large enough, we would have managed to stay longer and find more goodies. Forest Park and a couple of Museums managed to swallow up the time. A few of our finds were this 16ft. Turkish Kilim, the sweet badger, compote (a sucker for compotes), meat cover, and the obscure coconuts. The green harvest table is a Dallas find and is not one we would have tied to the top of the car.


Monday, August 10, 2009


The theme this week was BEAUTY. We got in many items with exquisite detail, and some real age. Alan hand selected some Old Indian Pawn jewelry-just for you Texas girls-lots of sterling and turquoise and it's all OLD. Don't you just love what age does for these items? What we love in this business and hold dear is cracks, staining , crazing and rarity- so the way I see it,,,,,us junker women are not getting older, we're getting better. Remember- it's not wrinkles and sun spots- it's crazing and patina!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Call it Modern, call it Mid-Century, call it Shabby Chic.... it's sweet.

Even the name Fibrella from El Monte, California and the chairs Krueger Metal Co. ,,,,, it would make a great breakfast set for $250. A little faded and rusted but cute. This definitly brings back memories of when this was the NEW look. When gas was .15 a gallon, just shortly after the war by 10 yrs. Oh yes,,, there was the trendsetting CALIFORNIA... how to get there on the ONE two lane highway. Been there, done that and really don't care to go back.... selling the chair set and moving on.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Geez Louise!!!

This was such a busy week, last week, we spent all our time pricing and not much blogging. We hit one of those weeks where we found tons of smalls and had to sort, clean, price, arrange, etc. Among part of the stuff was a ton of sewing items, hand made lace, buttons: velvet buttons (Ahhh!!), Mother of Pearl buttons, silk threads on wooden spools and craft items. We also purchased 2 Victorian framed florals, one landscape, a couple of chairs (one velvet! Lovin the velvet!!) Tons and I mean hundreds of Vintage Christmas ornaments in blue, silver, pink..(pinch me)! Look out at Warrenton- I'll be behind the mountain of Christmas ornament boxes! Reeeeediculous, but somebody's got to buy it..Right? Gina
My favorite is the OLD cast iron Terrier boot scraper, still attached to the concrete. We picked up a UT football helmet piggy bank, empty.. and if Ben has his way and makes it to UT next year it will stay empty. A couple of heavy concrete fountains, a Corday figurine, couple of pieces of jewelry, and for lighting. Even the Kitchen sink this week. Alan