Friday, January 28, 2011

To Market To Market . . .DESIGN TRENDS 2011

We love to stay on top of design trends in decorating, and one of our favorite ways to do that is to go to Dallas Home and Gift Market each January. We go through countless showrooms and seminars to keep up. Let's get right to the trends that we saw last week:


Color has returned to us after a few yearsof so much neutral- and in a BIG WAY. Check out some of the photos we were able to snap. And I do mean Color! Not neons, but definite strong "Candy colors" as they called them: Pink, blue, yellow, lime and more. It looks like the Skittles Factory has exploded @ the Dallas Mart.

Neutrals- always a good backdrop for color featuring much more in Grays for 2011vs. Whites and Creams.

The color of the year according to Pantone is HONEYSUCKLE. It's a strong pink with a bit of coral. They showed about four variations and I liked every single one. You'll see it in fashions and home decor.


Just heard the term "Steam Punk" for the first time a week ago and heard it again @ a "trends" seminar at the Market. (Look it up on Wikipedia) It's like "Industrial Modern" with a young contemporary twist.

Also: FARMINISTA. Google it. This is the influence of our farming roots on current design. Vintage items w/ an updated clean look: think galvinized metal, primitive wooden implements and things that look like they came from a farm.

INDUSTRIAL is still hot. This is young peoples Homage to the Past when the U.S. was in its Industrial Revolution phase. Just about anything dealing with mechanization and factories in metal and wood continues to be "hot" (Old gears, wire baskets, laundry bins, wooden molds, etc.)
And remember: technology is not about to replace "real" shopping. Our brick and mortar stores will never be fully replaced with on-line shopping because people still like to touch, feel and see items. Also, we love instant gratification- something online shopping & a U.P.S. package cannot match!

Our highly educated consumer likes a different, "stand out" item- unique and awesome- just like much of what you'll find at "our store"!
P.S. Global influences are strong this year; colors and patterns of India, Morocco, and China in particular. BRITTANNIA is a buzzword. Saw lots of the Union Jack, crowns, and Royal "stuff". Could it be Prince William & Kate, or "The King's Speech" Oscar nominations? Also, HOLIDAY colors will be updated traditional (red & lime vs. xmas green). You'll see lots of aqua, silver, pink, purple, lime and white, as well as vintage inspired motifs.
Okay, enough. We hope this info gives you some idea of the current trends, and as always you'll find lots of them at our store in Dallas. We'd love to hear your comments!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Market to Market

It's time again for the influx of out of town guests for the January Market at the World Trade Center in Dallas. The Trinity Design and Antique District has made a special attempt to keep up with the development of the area's new downtown EXPANSION bridge and central park.
We have also noticed a swing to a new look, including an Industrial appearance and Steam Punk. I guess the day of the massive collection of Pink Depression glass and Salt and Pepper nodders has now passed. It sure is hard to teach an old dog but I guess if the dog gets hungry enough, he'll learn to eat something different.
Hope to See Ya'll soon.