Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Market --- To Market

We, the owners of Country Garden Antiques, are sitting at a new craft coffee bar called Ascension, in the Design District. It is located @ Oaklawn and Turtle Creek Blvd. Also available for lunch and dinner. Food and drinks are both awesome.

Anyhow, we wanted to update our blog and clue you in on what we saw at the Market this year to help stay up with the trends. Here's the quick sample summary of what's going on in our local design world.
Color-Emerald Green is the color of the year in case you haven't heard. Black and white colors were  everywhere too.
Lighting-It's simplified. Lots of industrial and farm looks going on. Cage lighting still going strong.
Influences- We saw lots of gem/ minerals/ stones an the natural setting in every facet of design. Stones and  minerals were sliced and polished or left raw and used as lamps, food serving slabs, bookends, paperweights, furniture, boxes, jewelry (big time) and much more. Driftwood : Influences- It was everywhere.

 Antiques and One of a Kinds!- They were offered at the Vintage Finds section of  Cash&Carry.   Some of our friends were there with fine offerings. The only problem is that it was hard to buy cause the  booths were covered in sold tags! Debbie and Danny York (Talking Trash), Maggie Lopez (The  Veranda and Meloney and Brian of the Seedbox were just a few of those selling.
                   Next June you may see Alan Galichia and Gina Galichia (Country Garden Antiques)