Monday, July 27, 2009

Let There be Light!!!

This week's finds include 2 crystal Chandeliers, a crystal candelabra lamp, lace bedspread, tulle tablecloth(too cool!) a very handsome large trophy cup, plateau mirror, and a large crockery vase with birds. I also added to my Christmas stash (Pinks!) I know, I know, it's sick how much Christmas I have, but I'm among friends, right? The way I look at it- I can keep what I want and then get the rest to it's rightful new owner, right?! It's a higher calling... Gina..
Alan's proud of his iron Folkart Dog and the old Carved Ivory Scholar.
I might add that Gina is proud of her feather Angle Wings!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ben Galichia's Photo Samples


One thing our 17yr old has acquired over the years is an eye for "The Visuals". Last year Jesuit offered him an opportunity to publish photos for the monthly "Jesuit Now" journal.

Jennifer & Angela"s "BIG ADVENTURE"

You know the saying "My Eyes are bigger than my stomach?" Well in this case, it's bigger than Jennifer's car" But we deliver to Warrenton,,,lucky her! These two antiquing sisters are HARDCORE and have been junking for years. Jennifer Nicholas, Houston, sets up and sells at Zapp Hall ( in Warrenton Texas next to the Junk Gypsies (

Angela Hill, Jennifer's sister, from San Antonio has a booth space and also helps Jennifer at the Roundtop Show.

They recently made a Texas Road Trip including Carolyn Westbrooks Summer Market, and Country Garden Antiques in Dallas and just had to add to their stash. Great Stuff Girls!!


Monday, July 20, 2009


Look at the French Loot we landed last week!! Lots of lovely smalls. A dome with brass ormolu, etc., small frames with bows, binoculars, chocolate box, travel book of Paris with maps, french clocks, French fossil books, etc, etc, etc, and saving the best for last--- AWESOME little pink boxes- each an inch square w/ French writing! ( I owe that to my friend Maggie Tarasoff..she snagged them for me. With friends like that, who needs enemies? )

Junking doesn't get any better than this. Man, I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cookies and Classics

Carol Kurtz is not only a fantastic pastry chef but also an artist. Many of you know her as the quiet lady from Houston that has recently set up shop near Royers Restaurant at Zapp Hall in Warrenton.. Unknown to all of us Carol has this remarkable talent. Be sure to check out her website and her edible talent .

We also wanted to make note of the Classic... Style Swoon... which has been compiled by an incredible young lady with an eye for style... Samantha .. ? Romantic ? A true Texan!! You will surely be as impressed as we were. One of the entries are photos of Portia's Garden Party....Dwellings " A little of this, a little of that " Be sure to check it out.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Shameless cross promotion! Yeah, we know it's hot. But there's s summer show you gotta check out. It's Carolyn Westbrook & friends doing a SUMMER MARKET. Not just fabulous merchandise, but a darn good time too. Check out Debbie & Danny York and their AB FAB STUFF ( Also willow's Nest will be there (creativity heaven). Take a peek at Speaking of heaven, Heaven & Earth will be showing their exquisite natural dried floral wreaths , and Carolyn's friend Stan is bringing loads of furniture. It's only an hour from Dallas, so go check it out. Portia and I are hitting it early so steer clear of our elbows. And remember I have a backpack purse so both arms are free at all times. SUMMER MARKET is this Saturday, JULY 18 9-4. For details, photos and directions go to

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Uppers for July 13th

HOT!!!! Do I need to say anything else!! It's kinda wierd how things work. This last week was a chair week. It looks like we were able to pick up about a dozen chairs of all kinds. Featured are a pair of oversized down filled Country French chairs. For anyone looking to match this color, it's not every day that one would stumble on even one of these. What a statement!! We also picked up a single down filled Country French armchair. Caned back and seat with cushion this chair is silverleaf and cream color. Very nice! Country French satin covered bench, needlepoint chair and unusual oversize armless chair. Not shown are a pair of white heavy metal garden chairs, a pair of old heavy metal /iron garden benches and a couple of unusual metal outdoor chairs. We even picked up a toile chalkboard. One of my favorite is a great 2 piece cream color plant stand with ivy. The two tier French wire stand is nice too! We did find a few smalls, frames, porcelain, one painting, books and a few 50's Christmas items. For the people that like mid-century we found an unusual umbrella stand.

Speaking of Mid-Century,, we need to welcome our new neighbors at Antiques Moderne Mall.. 1208 Industrial Blvd. Looks like they still have a few spaces available.

Word has it that ANOTHER mall, next door to the White Elephant will be opening in October. This mall will be an eclectic style and will surely bring more traffic to the area. Who says this area is dead??? We can hardly wait until the new bridge arrives!!! Progress is really starting to show with the shutdown of I-35 this weekend and the miles of traffic it has really gotten attention.

And finally I almost forgot to add my sweet little green and white pine French desk.

Have a great week!!! And stay HOT!! NOT!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To Market To Market...

Gina and Portia here.. We scouted the Dallas World Trade Center June Gift Buyer's Market. (Sorry, we respected showrooms' privacy when it comes to no photo rules). But they can't stop us from blogging about it right? Well, there was a lot of eco-concious (& budget friendly) design work-again we saw lots of natural and organic fabrics (burlap, hemp, cotton, linen) as well as lots of roots, vines, branches, rocks, shells, bark, etc, in every kind of container imagineable. We noticed a big Indian influence( from the movie Slum Dog Millionaire we assume). Showooms seemed to be either clean and pared down or full blown "sensory attack" stacked full of small items (inexpensive impulse buys?) We didn't notice quite as much tween stuff for the kids, but there was still lots of jewelry to be had- especially charm-like chains that can be added on to (long shelf life!) We saw our friend Jeff Krause in his brand new permanent showroom the Round Top Collection. He and his family have strong connections to Round Top, Texas. He sells metal decor that would brightenthe dreariest day( He also used very cool antique furniture and props in his showroom that he buys @ Country Garden Antiques! (Jeff is talented and smart!) Well, I could go on and on, but in the interest of time: Still lots of French, still natural.. birds, brighter colors are stronger than 6 months ago, India, jewelry (duh!) Neutral larger pieces with bright accents, clean or clutter- your choice! Signing off on the topic till the really big market in January. (By the way, Chartreuse, one of Portia's favorites was really strong! Such good taste!!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Morning Uppers Sale July 6th

Miles and Miles from Texas. Our 4th of July weekend trip took us to the farm in Kansas. Mostly on the tractor cutting grass but we did squeeze in time to shop for antiques. This week we were able to pick up a pair of wonderful Victorian doors. I will be taking off the new hardware and installing the old but with oval beveled glass and old white paint the look is great. We also were able to pick up several pieces of ironstone, a great old victorian scrapbook and several other books, an awesome hanging ceiling lamp and other smalls. Due to the holidays there wasn't alot going on and several places I normally stop were closed but we're glad to be back.