Thursday, January 28, 2010

To Market--To Market

Dallas' Total Home and Gift Market is held at the Dallas World Trade Center twice a year. However, the January market is the time to go for a preview in home design trends for the year.

Alan and I went this year, as did our friend Portia Maloney (Garden Party ). Dallas is now home to the Internation Floral and Gift Center (translation:KILLER Floral displays!)

Our impressions on Color: the award goes to: Chartreuse, turquoise, and white. Secondary were orange, red and purple. According to Pantone the color for 2010 is turquoise. The Christmas (and floral) scene was dominated by chartreuse - usually mixed with white, silver, glitter and acrylic. Sometimes it was mixed with bright turquoise, purple and hot pink.

I hope burlap doesn't cause cancer because it was everywhere! Like 2009 natural decor was "IN"- even more twigs, branches, tree trunks, vines, and pine cones, but with a modern twist. These materials were seen in stark-like displays with metal, glass, acrylic, fiberglass, etc.

Check out the Two's Company "green" light fixture made with empty laundry soap bottles in every color! Way Cool! We tried to get all the "legal" photos we could while there.

P.S. Vendors we talked to reported an increase in orders (up to 25% increase) over last year, so that's a hopeful sign for the economy. YEAH!

P.P.S. Saw our friend Gina Galvin of Peacock Park Designs at our store and in her temporary booth @ WTC. Just three words for her display "FAB-U-LUST"

More Later, Gina.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Inventory

An uplifting note of our progress here at Country Garden Antiques. The Estate sale we conducted was a complete success. Considering the deadline we were facing and the amount of inventory involved, we were able to sell 90% by Sunday. Monday we were able to meet with our client and surprise him with the clean and empty house.

Canton seemed to be very slow this month. At least half empty with dealers and few buyers. The forecast was probably the major contributor with freezing temperatures and snow lurking in the West. It's great exercise though!

Between tasks I have been working on an unusual upright antique metal showcase. The poor thing had been painted at least twice and left outside for no telling how long. With glass on all 4 sides and locking door, I decided I wanted to purchase it and tackle this project. So far I've managed to strip off layers of rust but am still not quite happy with the results. It is a lighted piece so I will be rewiring it soon. I can see the gleam in Gina's eyes knowing that her plans for a Vintage Christmas Ornament display is in the making.

We've managed to pick up a few items in the past few weeks. I will post a few of those photos too. Check out the huge and heavy Concrete dog water bowl!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So much has been going on that we just haven't had time to stop and smell the roses. This week we were asked to put together an emergency estate sale. The house has sold and needs to be empty by next Tuesday. The owner is now in a nursing home and the family home of 50 years is full. It looks as though the soonest we will be able to open will be 12:00 noon on Friday.

The location is great. Just 4 doors off Garland road and backing up to the Dallas Arboretum. The first street north of the Arboretum is Timplemore. We will be at 1155 Timplemore and sorry but due to the pressure of getting the sale together we will not be answering the door early. The owner started the Dallas Quilters Guild and was very active in sewing and quilting. We have several nice pieces of furniture including a punched tin pie safe, a Hoosier cabinet, tile back wash stand, decorated Iron and Brass Victorian bed, quilt tops, 4 sets of patio furniture, picnic table, concrete bench, flower pots, great BBQ, glassware, pottery, bedroom furniture, excellent side by side refrig, and also a freezer. Hours will be 12-5 Fri., 9-5 Sat, and 12Sun. I will be posting addition information on last weeks time we spent at the market learning about upcoming trends and ways to use the internet to promote our businesses. There was alot of helpful information. I'm not one for wasting time but this one seemed to have some possibilities