Wednesday, June 10, 2009


With a little help from our friends it looks as though this years Antique Garden Sale is about to begin. RAIN and/or SHINE won't be able to stop us now. We're very happy about how everything has come together and has grown since our first show over 5 years ago. It has certainly evolved from the days of " City Cafe" owner who has now gone on to bigger and better things in California. With no hesitation at all, Portia took the bull by the horns and has brought the show to a new high. "What a trooper!!" Looks like a larger back yard will SOON be in order.
As we said Rain or Shine Thursday night at 6pm we will open the gate. There are still odds and ends to do between now and then and we would seriously like to stop and help each and every one of you with purchases between now and then but we will need concentrate our time to making sure the sale goes off without a hitch. If any of you are not able to get to the show Thursday night we will be opening to the public all day Friday from 9am-4pm.


Mindy said...

The plan HAD been to see you tonight. But, the revised plan is to see you and what is left tomorrow. Whew! It's been a long day. Hope your evening was a smashing hit. ~Mindy

Carolyn Westbrook Home said...

I know it has been a huge success for you, my friends. Love the photo of all of the great garden goods...
XOXO Carolyn