Monday, August 3, 2009

Geez Louise!!!

This was such a busy week, last week, we spent all our time pricing and not much blogging. We hit one of those weeks where we found tons of smalls and had to sort, clean, price, arrange, etc. Among part of the stuff was a ton of sewing items, hand made lace, buttons: velvet buttons (Ahhh!!), Mother of Pearl buttons, silk threads on wooden spools and craft items. We also purchased 2 Victorian framed florals, one landscape, a couple of chairs (one velvet! Lovin the velvet!!) Tons and I mean hundreds of Vintage Christmas ornaments in blue, silver, pink..(pinch me)! Look out at Warrenton- I'll be behind the mountain of Christmas ornament boxes! Reeeeediculous, but somebody's got to buy it..Right? Gina
My favorite is the OLD cast iron Terrier boot scraper, still attached to the concrete. We picked up a UT football helmet piggy bank, empty.. and if Ben has his way and makes it to UT next year it will stay empty. A couple of heavy concrete fountains, a Corday figurine, couple of pieces of jewelry, and for lighting. Even the Kitchen sink this week. Alan

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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Love the velvet door. Love the sink. Warrenton, here we come! ~Mindy