Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In the famous words of our friend Portia Maloney, WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE what we have seen so far on our trip to California, beginning with our friends Stephanie & Micheal Clark. We met them in our store in Dallas, and they said if you ever come out . . . When you first enter their house you are greeted by a display on the left wall of the awesome power of white. The first thing that cought my eye was a three foot trophy etched "FLOWER SHOW", and what a show it was. Limitless panels of French lace layered everywhere, among down pillows, beautiful fabrics, and fine French furniture. And you want to know why we can't find any old rose florals? Because they're all here in her house. Probably 200+ of them and other florals. Stephanie and Micheal took us on a whirlwind (more like hurricane) tour of beach and coastal towns Tuesday, and it even included antique shopping too. Stay tuned.

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