Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Long Hot Summer

Yes, we are in the "thick of it", as the old Texans would say. With 100 degree weather every day now, it's time to get out and smell the roses. I'm not quite sure how we have managed to find the merchandise but we have added several key pieces to our inventory. One of my favorites is the velvet settee. Can anyone tell me why old velvet attracts me like it does??? I love it all and can't get enough of it. I managed to score on a sweet little Italian chandelier too.
To think Warrenton is just around the corner is making me nervous. HEEELLLLLPPPP!!!
Sure hope it cools off by then.


elsamarianne said...

I can see why you like the setee, it´s adorable. If I had spotted it nearby, I surely would have brought it to our house. Perfect for a (colder) afternoon, for reading and a sip of tea. The weather is very hot here in Sweden too...

Wizard of Was said...

Came to you through Theresa...What great vignettes you have put together! Small world..my dear friend just was at Gloria's home through another friend...she has some amazing things! I am now a follower!
My Best