Friday, October 1, 2010

The 36th Roundtop Connection

As time may have it, it has now been 36 wonderful shows. I will remember that always since our son was in a bassinet and is now a freshman at UT.
We are about to complete this seasons Semi-Annual Warrenton Antique show. Without a glitch, the show has been quite a success. The weather has cooperated , hurricanes and floods have stayed away and with one day remaining it looks as though the tornadoes have left us alone.
Despite the claims by the experts, sales have been great and our favorite times are about to start. REPLENISHING INVENTORY TIME!!!
We have manages to pick up a few pieces of furniture. The sweet chimney cupboard will make someone a perfect bathroom linen storage or kitchen cabinet.
Last night was prom night at Zapp Hall in Warrenton Texas and I feel we have the BEST seat in the house being the first booth in front of Royers. This year was overwhelming with the sheer numbers of participants at the party. The outfits were over the top with Mark Dooley leading the pack with his team of period dressed pirate's. The four lovely indian maidens were quite a sight as well as the many cross/dressers.
Our wine and cheese spread was destroyed withing a few hours. I think my favorite Dallas customer costume was Betty Bells Japanese geisha girl outfit. Just a little scary since I almost didn't recognize her.
Pack up will start tomorrow night and we will begin setting the store up for the Riverfront Antique District sale with will be on October 23rd from 9-5. The Country Garden Antique store will be set-up and ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Greetings! Lovely! ALL of it! :) I found you via Fiona and Twig, and in one of her photos it shows candleabra sconces (?). They look electric? At any rate, I'd love to know if you still have them, what you know of them, and what you're asking.

Thanks so much! How fun!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Thank you so much for allowing me to take pics in your space last month!

I've gotten an incredibly enthusiastic response to the post I did on you guys...and why wouldn't I...your space was incredible, as always, so you made my job easy. :-)

See you in the Spring!