Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remodel Update

 We are going into our 6th week of Renovation to our Country Garden Antiques store. This renovation will be the largest change we have made to our facility in 20 years. With what we feel to be the worst behind us, it seems that progress is finally being felt. Sore backs and short patience, we are all feeling the pain and hopefully soon will be seeing the finished results. The dust from the concrete saw was the final straw for Gina. There was not enough plastic drape or painters tape to keep the dust from penetrating every crack or crevice in the building. Annie has somehow been able to deal with both workers and owners. Our workers have, for the most part, been the best you could ever imagine. Bad memories of electric warehouse door installations.  I'm sure Annie will be glad when this project is finished. We may have broken her of ever feeling the need to help anyone out in the future. If everything goes as planned we will be celebrating the 1st of December, even if we have to skip the Thanksgiving dinner.

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