Sunday, December 2, 2012

Official Reopening Celebration

The Trinity River District in Dallas is experiencing an incredible change in growth. With the new Santiago Calatrava bridge, the Four Corners Brewery, Chicken Scratch, Smoke, Belmont Hotel, the Workroom Antiques and Phil Romano's Trinity Grove development, we felt that it was time to upgrade our Antique Store which is adjacent to this new district.
   Alan Galichia, Ben Galichia, Gina Tomelleri Galichia in conjunction with decorator Annie Uechtritz and her crew of subcontractors have managed to completely revamp the Parkhouse location in a short two months. Although it has only been two months, to us it seems like two years.
  We  deeply regret that we were unable to attend the fall Roundtop Antique Show in Warrenton Texas but we had to make the decision to focus on remodeling our location in Dallas. The results are finally being completed and we will officially be celebrating on December 7th from 6:30 to 9:30PM.
  Our merchandise has been added to for nearly 9 months now and for the last two months we have continued to purchase fresh inventory which has been secretly set aside for this special occasion.
   We hope everyone that reads this will be able to attend.
    Special thanks go out to our very close friends the Maloney family. Many of you know Portia Maloney, decorator and Antique dealer from Dallas. Her son Mandon and the band Lil' Cap'n Travis from Austin Texas will be able to play at our opening party on Friday night. I won't go into any other details but if you do attend you will be able to not only get the 25% opening discount on our inventory but be able to hear the wonderful sounds of the band.
   Refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be served.
   We have also come in contact with a fellow family in the Antique business who recently we devastated by tragedy from Hurricane Sandy. 10% of our proceeds will be going to the small amount of financial help we will offer. It's incomprehensible to us but we do want to give assistance.
Thanks Again and hope to see you all.

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