Wednesday, March 27, 2013


After 20 years, we have decided to throw in our hat. Anyone that has ever attended the Roundtop Antique Show can only imagine what a huge strain it can be to participate in this show. There are very few Antique Shows in the country that require so much preparation time and energy. This show originally was a three day show when we started exhibiting. It now has expanded to the point many of the vendors spend over one month at the show. Our show never took that amount of time but it has grown to several weeks. We have determined that we need to stay loyal to our Dallas customers. With the introduction of the new Santiago Calatrava Bridge which is only a block away from our store and the development of the Trinity District,  we have found it more important than ever to keep our store open to the public. Between our store, our pinterest accounts  and also our facebook accounts we are keeping busy. Feel free to check either account for prices and inventory.
We will still be dropping by the show to try and pick up some goodies.
Thanks for the years of dedication to us and feel free to keep up the line of communication.
We miss you all.


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