Monday, November 4, 2013

Austins Mandola's Bocce Ball Tournament and Antique Shopping Trip

Last weekend I took time out to attend the annual Bocce Ball Tournament sponsored by Damian and Trina Mandola. The Mandola family is one of the warmest and friendliest families alive. Although Ben and I turned out to be unsuccessful in winning the Round Trip all expense paid trip for two to Italy, we certainly ate enough of the wonderful food  which was provided by the Mandola restaurant to make this trip worth our time and expense. The Tournament was held on the Trattoria Lisino Mandola Vineyard near Driftwood Texas just south of Austin. Proceeds were donated to the Burke Youth Center. I am providing photos of the Restaurant and Vineyard.  I was sooo impressed with this experience that I felt like I needed to share this with everyone in hopes that the next time they were in the Austin area they would take the short scenic trip to the vineyard for dinner at the Trattoria Lisino Restaurant. Our two day experience at the location convinced me that I wanted to share this opportunity with others. Three other locations are throughout the Austin area. By the end of the game Ben and I both felt the warm friendship of the Mandola family. I can't thank them enough for taking us under their wings and filling our stomachs with such wonderful food and desserts.
I must add that during my trip (as always) I was able to squeeze a few profitable hours of Antique shopping. I managed to fill my vehicle with a full load of choice pieces.

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