Monday, November 30, 2009

December Mondays means DEEP Discounts!!

Back from a quick trip to Kansas City we are exhausted,,, to say the least. Shopping went well but the family did come first. I was able to snap a photo of Ben on our big Green tractor.
If you have never been able to visit Neiman Marcus during the Christmas season, this is the year. You have got to make a special attempt to make it. Windows and the storefronts are now decorated better than ever. The Neiman's attitude is great. Why let the media get you down. Work a little harder and enjoy life a little more. You can see it in their windows!! A salute to a company that is giving back to this town and this year to our childrens education.

Most important matters---Why not make this Christmas a memorable one by hand selecting that special gift for that special person. Not only will this be a memorable year but also one that took some time and thought. Sure we also have gift certificates but if you feel a little more courageous, you can choose anything from an antique Christmas ornament to jewelry, a painting, or an ancient artifact. Country Garden Antiques is offering bloggers 25% discount on all items throughout our store now until Dec. 21st. Come check out our HUGE selection of vintage Christmas ornaments and be sure to mention this ad. A unique way of decorating that is guaranteed to bring back memories of past Christmas childhood.

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