Friday, November 13, 2009


Please "LORD" don't let me forget that the name of Industrial Blvd. has now officially been changed to "Riverfront". As my wife can verify, I tend to be (alot) forgetful and I am sure an angry customer will call, upset that I told them to turn left off of I-35 and Continental and drive until you get to Industrial Blvd. The signs have now been changed to Riverfront. I will apologise ahead of time. In about a year and a half the new Suspension Bridge will be completed. Parkhouse/Continental is proposed to be the central station before the new walking bridge and potential Dart/Trolly bridge that will lead to the NEW WEST Dallas shopping area and later to Oakcliff. Yes, this little area is about to be transformed. Riverfront Blvd. will also be experiencing major changes in itself. This all is quite exciting.
Congratulations to the new LuLa B's West that officially opened last night with an incredible blowout. We are always glad to see new shops in the area. For the collectors of Mid-Century collectors there seems to be a big push in the Trinity District Antique area for the look. Just a few months ago John Bacile opened his Antique Shop and Mall on (Riverfront Dr.) and calls it "Antiques Moderne". The place is an experience to say the least!! You will be pleased!!

My apology for not blogging earlier.


trash talk said...

Apology accepted...just don't let it happen again! I need my Monday morning fix...just kidding!
P.S. I can't believe they changed the name of a landmark street in Dallas!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Indeed, having lived here for my whole entire life (which of course isn't that long), it's been Industrial. I may never get it right either. ~Mindy